Gianna Willard Flanery


Phone: (907) 228-9384

E-Mail: gwillard@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2019

Melissa Johnson

Vice President

Phone: (907) 228-9275

E-Mail: mjohnson@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2019

Norman Skan


Phone: (907) 228-9275

E-Mail: nskan@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2019

Gloria Burns


Phone: (907) 228-9384

E-Mail: gburns@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2021

Irene Dundas

Council Member

Phone: (907) 228-9384

E-Mail: idundas@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2019



Trixie Bennett

Council Member

Phone: (907) 228-9275

E-Mail: trixieb@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2021

Susan Pickrell

Council Member

Phone: (907) 228-9384

E-Mail: SusanP@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2021

Judy Leask Guthrie

Council Member

Pone: (907) 228-9384

E-Mail: judyleaskguthrie@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2020





Marsha Ramirez

Council Member

Phone: (907) 228-9275

E-Mail: marshar@kictribe.org

Term Expires January 2020



Staff Contact

Tobias J Vanderhoop MPA 

Tribal Administrator

Work: (907) 228-9299

E-Mail: tvanderhoop@kictribe.org


Strategic Statement

"It is a strategic goal of the Tribal Council to foster economic development and achieve long term sustainable growth to empower our Tribal Members. We will encourage training, education and self sufficiency of our tribal organization and our tribal members. We will leverage our existing funding base through new revenue sources, staff, outside contractors, other governmental agencies, and businesses to achieve these goals. Through this goal, we will become more proficient at developing , sustaining and operating businesses for the tribe and employing tribal members. "


Organizational Fitness

“It is a strategic goal of the Tribal Council to abide by and pursue continuous quality improvement through excellence in management of tribal resources and achieving a customer focused, culturally appropriate delivery of services.  We will achieve this goal by empowering employees to be professional by assuming responsibility and accountability for the performance of their duties.  This will require training our employees about the scientific processes and techniques of continuous improvement. Excellence requires consistent honesty, ethical conduct, transparency and measurement of performance.



Committee Board Assignments – 2018 (PDF)

 KIC Constitution (PDF)

 Ordinance 1 Enrollment

 Ordinance 2 Child Welfare

 Ordinance 3 Domestic Relations

 Ordinance 4 Elections

 Ordinance 5 Special Elections

 Ordinance 6 Budget

 Ordinance 7 Tribal Council Policies

 Ordinance 8 Personnel Policy & Procedures

 Ordinance 10 Housing

 Ordinance 11 Recall Procedures