Enrollment Information

It is important to remember that each Tribe sets its own standards for tribal enrollment and membership.

In order to enroll with KIC, an applicant must be able to show blood degree or lineal descendent of a member listed on the Base Roll* or on the current roll, for example  - parent, grandparent or great-grandparent.  Applicants are also responsible for providing any documentation needed to prove that connection, such as state issued Birth Certificates or Death Certificates.

KIC does have a Dual Enrollment policy.  This means that if you are enrolled to another tribe, it will be necessary to provide proof that you have relinquished that enrollment.  Likewise, if you are applying to another tribe for enrollment, they will require you to relinquish your enrollment with KIC.  This is easily accomplished with a letter or note saying you wish your name removed from the rolls.  It will be presented to the Tribal Council at their next meeting.

The Enrollment Office is able to provide you with a photo ID card, a Verification of Enrollment (if needed), or a Form 4432 as authorized by the BIA, which is sometimes required by colleges, reservation businesses or other federal contractors.  Unfortunately, KIC is not authorized to produce Certificates of Indian Blood (CIB’s).

Please Note – Although some programs require your enrollment to KIC, being seen at the Tribal Health Clinic does not.  In order to access clinic services, you must be able to show a blood degree and proof of residency.  Please contact the Business Office for more information on this.

(* KIC’s Base Roll is actually the census that was conducted in 1939 by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in order to establish a voters list for the Constitutional Election creating KIC.  In 1991, KIC’s Tribal Council adopted this document as the Reconstructed Base Roll.)


Enrollment Application (PDF)

Enrollment contact information:

Tribal Enrollment Specialist: Sharon Nelson   Phone:  907-228-9335