Behavioral Health

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Waabnessloa Dunah “A Place of Wellness”

We serve Alaska Native and non-Native children, adolescents, adults and families.

Behavioral Health Services:

We provide an array of holistic, life enhancing, culturally based behavioral health services at KIC Tribal Health Clinic. The following services are confidential and meet the highest standards:

  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Services
  • Mental Health Treatment and Services
  • Domestic Violence Prevention/Treatment
  • Batterer's Intervention Services
  • Youth Prevention and Education Services
  • Fetal Alcohol Screening and Referral
  • Family Support Services
  • Elder Care Services
  • Support Services

For more information: Craig Ward KIC Behavioral Health Director 228-9270

Substance Use Disorder – Outpatient Services
KIC’s Behavioral Health Program offers the Tribal Alcohol Program (TAP) for substance use disorder treatment services for adults and adolescents organized around three principal components: Education and Prevention, and Clinical Care, in an outpatient setting.

Education and Prevention activities include Adolescent Prevention services, Alcohol and Drug Information Schools (ADIS), and distribution of educational materials.

Outpatient clients seeking substance use disorder treatment services may complete their programs by attending regularly scheduled one-on-one sessions with counselors, or by attending weekly group meetings. Follow-Up contacts at regular intervals are designed to assist former clients with continued sobriety issues, and to help assess the effectiveness of KIC's treatment programs.

Counseling Services available for the following:

  • Substance abuse screening and assessments
  • Substance abuse outpatient and aftercare counseling
  • Substance abuse treatment groups and other specialty groups

Mental Health Outpatient Services
KIC Behavioral Health Program provides a variety of services to address the emotional and mental well-being of the residents in Ketchikan. Service components include: Outpatient services, and Prevention and Education services.

Outpatient services are available to adults, adolescents, children and their families. A range of treatment modalities are available by both licensed professional clinicians and para-professional counselors.

Mental Health Counseling Services available for the following:

  • Outpatient counseling services for adults with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Depression Screening
  • Individual, couple and family counseling
  • Family Therapy - screening, assessment and outpatient individual, group, family and play therapy
  • Psychiatric Services – a psychiatrist holds specialty clinics once a month for psychiatric services and medication management

Domestic Violence Program
We provide support services to survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Our goal is to increase safety for women and children through intervention, education and support.

Contact information:

Lynn Quan, Domestic Violence Coordinator (907) 228-9327

Domestic Violence Program Services available for the following:

  • Advocacy – Counseling for survivors, crisis intervention, safety planning, education
  • Legal Advocacy – Court accompaniment, assistance filling out and filing legal documents (restraining orders)
  • Legal Assistance – We can hire an attorney to represent you in court for your child custody and/or divorce
  • Victim Safety Checks
  • Transition – we can assist in the transition to a violence-free life by providing the following financial assistance. Assistance subject to the availability of funds, and an individual needs assessment.

Batterers Intervention Program
Our certified Batterers Intervention Program has two central goals:  victim safety and batterer accountability.

State Certified Batterers Intervention Program Services: 

  • We work with batterers to help them identify and take responsibility for their abusive behaviors and the effects of their abuse on their intimate partners and children. These are important first steps in the transition to a non-abusive lifestyle.

We provide the following:

  • Fee based Re-education Group that is open to Court Ordered Individuals
  • Victim Safety Checks provided by Domestic Violence Specialist
  • Improve the community coordinated response through the Domestic Violence Task Force

Elder Care Program
The Elder Care Program provides support services for the Elders and Family Caregivers. Including advocacy and assistance with applications and Advanced Health Care Directives and Power of Attorney forms.

Contact information:

Sue Pickrell, Elder Care Coordinator (907) 228-9378

We provide the following:

  • Assessment of Elders and the coordination of needed services
  • Respite/Chore services
  • Monthly Dinners for Elders


Community/Support Services:


This program reaches and engages clients through community outreach, screening, assessment and active follow-up of referrals and clients to assist them in removing the barriers to wellness. The KIC Behavioral Health Department continues to remain focused on prevention, intervention, referral and support services to KIC Tribal members and families.

Scope of Work

  • Provide Needs Assessments for at-risk families/youth with follow up referral to appropriate agency or service provider.
  • Provide counseling (family/drug/alcohol) to clients until client is engaged in services at appropriate facility.
  • Participate in development of Individual Family Service Plans for families in transition.
  • Provide Prevention Education, Substance Use Assessments and referrals to Native students in Ketchikan Schools.
  • Facilitate youth and family support groups that address identified topics, e.g., Life Coping Skills, Better Choices, Parenting Classes
  • Provide intervention/prevention services to youth and families.


The KIC Behavioral Health Support Services will continue to offer “supportive” counseling, and outreach services with the focus being placed on services being brought to the homes, community, streets and schools.

Contact information:

Patti Green, BSW Tribal Alcohol Program Adolescent Counselor (907) 228-9349

Leah Canfield, MSW Indian Child Welfare Act Family Specialist (907) 228-9429

Elizabeth Dewitt, General Assistance Intake Specialist (907) 228-9337

  • Youth Prevention and Education Program
    We provide prevention services to encourage and support the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for youth and families.

We provide the following:

  • Cultural Awareness Camp for youth involving parents and the community
  • Violence Prevention
  • Parenting Groups
  • Family Counseling

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) – The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is a federal law that regulates placement of Indian Children. The Ketchikan Indian Community Child Welfare program is designed to provide safety for children and to preserve the cultural identity of KIC children. Any child who is eligible for enrollment falls under the jurisdiction of the KIC Indian Child Welfare program. Children who may be eligible for enrollment in another federally recognized tribe who are in need of services will be referred to the tribe in question.

  • These rights apply to any child protective case, adoption, guardianships, termination of parental rights action, runaway/truancy matter, or voluntary placement of your children.

General Assistance Program – The General Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance to meet the essential basic needs of eligible Alaska Native and American Indian residents in the Ketchikan area.