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FY 2017 Annual Performance Report (PDF)

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It is our mission to provide safe, sanitary and affordable housing for tribal members and members of the Native community, to promote responsible home ownership and to develop new housing projects and programs based upon the needs of our community.



Rental Application

Baranof Rental Application

Veterans Housing Application

Home Improvement Assistance Application

Home Buy Down Application

Elder Energy Assistance Application


For all of KICHA NAHASDA programs the following income guidelines must be met:

KICHA Maximum Annual Household Income (80% of Median Income)

Maximum Annual Household Income Limits for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough (100% of Median Income)
These limits are revised annually

1 Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People

6 People

7 People

8 People









Total annual Gross income must be counted from all people living in the home. This includes wages; Social Security (SSA or SSI); pensions; Unemployment Benefits; Adult Public Assistance; Public Assistance; PFD and native dividends; Veteran’s Benefits; Survivor Benefits; Child Support; Alimony, Workman’s Compensation etc.

Rental Program:

KICHA offers several affordable housing options for income qualified Alaska Natives and American Indians:

1 - Four bedroom unit

7 - Three bedroom units
4 - Two bedroom units
1 - One bedroom unit

KICHA also offers affordable housing for income qualified Alaska Native and American Indian Elders in our modern Elder Housing Complex, which features:
  4 - Two bedroom units
8 - One bedroom units
Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority (KICHA) is accepting applications for Veteran’s housing located at the corner of Woodland and Park.

1- One bedroom ADA unit

2- One bedroom units (stairs)

Rent is based on 30% of Gross income, tenant must pay for their utilities, must be an Alaskan Native / American Indian and based on AN/AI preference point system.


Home Improvement Assistance Program

The Home Improvment Assistance Program provides assistance to homeowners whose homes are in need of essential repairs to restore livability.  For a property to be eligible it must be residental, be current on all property taxes, insured, owned by and be the principal residence of the family, and projected that upon expenditure of funds (combined with funds provided by the family) all major Life, and Safty Hazards will be addressed.


Elder Energy Assistance Program

Elder Energy Assistance - Fiscal Year 2017 - Open

Energy Assistance helps elder (62+) low-income residents heat their homes throughout the year by providing help and information needed to manage their fuel costs. It is our goal that all people who apply for the program are treated with respect and understanding.   Assistance is limited to $500 and awarded on a first come first served basis until funds are exhausted.


Home Buy Down Assistance Program:

Home Buy Down Assistance Program Fiscal year 2017 - Open

Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority (KICHA) has expended funds for the Home Buy Down Program for Fiscal year 2016. Please contact our housing staff at 907-228-9222 or if you wish to be added to our waitlist for Fiscal year 2017.


The housing program is specifically designed to increase the availability of affordable housing by attacking barriers at several levels simultaneously:

Credit - Pre-screening program applicants, seeking credit-worthy low and very low income home buyers with a stability of income

Affordability - buying down the amount of the client selected home by up to $30,000.00 with the down payment, which KICHA hold as a Second Deed of Trust for 10 year.

Cash flow - Providing closing costs up to $2,500.

An additional $2,000 down payment will be the responsibility of the buyer
Should the homeowner sell the property within the first five years, the Housing Program will recover 100% of the 2nd Mortgage plus interest (4% minimum) amount as part of any sales transaction.
Sale of the property between the fifth and final year of their note would result in a diminishing portion of repayment of the 2nd Mortgage. All funds recovered through the sale or repossession of homes as described above will be returned to be utilized to
supplement the housing program. Program funding can therefore be recycled and utilized to assist future generations of hopeful prospective homeowners.

Approved Lenders (PDF)

Housing Authority Contact Information:


Housing Director: Bonnie Newman

Project Manager: Joel Azure

Administrative Assistant II: Tasha Brendible

Administrative Assistant: Darlene McInturff

Housing Email:

Housing Contact number: 907-228-9222

Housing Fax number:  800-821-4901


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For information on Elcer Care Resources please visit the following website:

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Information available on the Website includes topics such as;

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If you need additional information you can search on USA.Gov. Search eldercare and state, city, or other topic.

for the Ketchikan area please contact KICHA for assistance filling out any of the above applications through our housing department at or stop by our offices, located at 429 Deermount, 2nd floor, or Call 907-228-9222.