Tribal Youth Services

Tribal Scholars Program

The Tribal Scholars program is aimed at preparing tribal youth for post-secondary education, providing culturally relevant academic courses, and teaching the high school students about Southeast Alaska ways of life and history.

Beyond preparing the students for college, the program is meant first to assure the student's graduate high school by building a holistic model that is based around student's life experience.  Education then becomes a way of life it becomes an identity boost, a cultural boost, and a way of learning that will give students the encouragement they need to move forward in their future endeavors.

The Goals of the Tribal Scholars Program

  • Engage Native Students through personalized learning
  • Increase testing competencies
  • Create a learning atmosphere where relationships, respect, and accountability are paramount
  • Correlate education to students' lives and future aspirations.

Tribal Scholars Program Elements

  • Certified educators
  • Develop an individualized learning plan
  • Teach Courses of English, Science, Math, and social Studies from 8 a.m. until noon
  • Integrate culturally-responsive teaching methods and activities into curricula
  • Match students' interests with career observation & mentoring opportunities
  • Serve in community projects
  • Engage in post-secondary academic camps & learning on the local college campus
  • Access community resources through on-site educational opportunities in Ketchikan, i.e. Discovery Center, Public Library, Totem Heritage Center, ect.
  • Technology based education using :
    • Online learning
    • Digital imagery
    • Basic and advanced computer application courses

The Tribal Scholars program meets at KIC's Tribal Youth Center located at 615 Stedman St. from 8:00 a.m. until noon covering their core classes of English, math, science, and social studies.  The youth then take a bus to Ketchikan High School to complete their school day by taking their elective courses.

Applications are available at Ketchikan Indian Community at 615 Stedman Street, or click here to download one now.


Tribal Youth Center

We believe that by developing a firmer grounding in our cultural heritage, our youth will come to better understand their place within both the tribal community and the wider community.

The youth will also understand how traditional Native values    encourage responsibility to  themselves and others.

We are relying on our elders and culture bearers to spend time leading and teaching our youth in both traditional and contemporary ways. This program will be open to all Native youth who reside on Revillagigedo Island and are between 12-17 years old.


Open for all tribal youth from 6th-12th grade

Meets daily at 615 Stedman Street in the Tribal Youth Center

 Open from 2:30-5:00 Monday-Friday during school year, closed holidays and school closures

Please call 228-9374 for any questions